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I am a mother of two rambunctious boys ages 9 and 2. I also have a chronic autoimmune disease which has changed my life around. I cannot do the things I used to. I do not want my kids to feel like they miss out on things. We have been using Pinterest frequently. It is a treasure chest of inspiration. We pin and pin and pin! Then they sit there....on the bulletin board. These great creative ideas that scream at me and make me desire to be more creative! I think I can do that! I cannot do a lot of things but I can do some things! I just have to change some! I am not working currently due to the disease. This summer I want to make fun! I want it to be one they remember! So...our goal is to take one of the creative ideas we have pinned a day and complete it. A pin a day. This can be a little one, a big one, just something to break up the summer days and do things that we normally would not! We can do it! These ideas are from the creative minds on pinterest and we hope you enjoy them! 86 days of Summer!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shaving cream and colored bubbles

I am sure most people have seen the colored bubbles in the stores lately. We were given one as a gift and decided to give it a try one afternoon, immediately I realized how messy they were and sealed it back up not wanting to stain the clothes the kids were wearing. We have seen the shaving cream play a lot on pinterest and have been playing with it ourselves for years so I decided to let the boys have at it with both the shaving cream and colored bubbles.
It ended up being art! The boys had fun lathering up and then blowing bubbles on each other I see the design they made when popped! Sorry for the few pictures buy my 9 year doesn't permet them anymore!! ;)

Lots of fun! Very pretty splatters and boys that were happy they were making a mess!! Pick some up it was worth it!

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